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Online EMDR is conducted through video conferencing platforms that allow real-time communication between therapist and therapist. The process is similar to in-person EMDR therapy, but with some modifications to accommodate the online format.

Here are some of the basic steps in performing online EMDR:

  1. Initial consultation: The therapist and client will schedule an initial consultation to discuss the client’s mental health concerns and determine if EMDR is an appropriate treatment option. The therapist will also assess the client’s technological capabilities to ensure that they have access to a stable internet connection and appropriate hardware, such as a computer or tablet.
  2. Preparation: The therapist will work with the client to prepare for the EMDR session, which may involve teaching them relaxation techniques and other coping skills to help manage any distress that may arise during the therapy.
  3. Bilateral stimulation: The therapist will use a variety of bilateral stimulation techniques, such as eye movements, audio tones, or tapping, to help the client process the targeted traumatic memory. The client will follow the therapist’s instructions and engage in the bilateral stimulation while focusing on the memory.
  4. Assessment and desensitization: The therapist will assess the client’s level of distress while they process the memory and work with them to reduce any negative emotions or physical sensations associated with the memory.
  5. Installation: The therapist will help the client develop and reinforce positive beliefs and emotions related to the memory.
  6. Closure: The therapist will help the client return to a calm state and reinforce any positive beliefs or emotions that emerged during the therapy.
  7. Follow-up: The therapist will follow up with the client after the session to assess their progress and determine if additional therapy is needed.

Online EMDR can be a very effective treatment for individuals with trauma-related mental health issues, provided they have access to a stable Internet connection and appropriate hardware Therapists may need to make some adjustments to accommodate the online program, however basic principles of EMDR , and the techniques are the same.