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About EMDR Online Tools

What exactly is EMDR Online Tools?

EMDR Online Tools is an online platform for therapists that conduct EMDR Therapy. This tool can be used in office or remotely by using “Remote Sessions”.

For whom are these tools best suited?

Basically any therapist that conduct EMDR therapy can make use of these tools.

Can I use EMDR Online Tools in office?

Yes of course, even though we offer remote sessions for online clients, you can use these tools in office as well without any problems…

Can I use EMDR Online Tools for remote clients?

Yes definitely. The main purpose of our tool is to allow therapists to conduct EMDR therapy with their clients remotely.

Is there any limit on the EMDR session length?

No absolutely not. Your sessions can be any length, there is no limit.

Is EMDR Online Tools in compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ?

Yes, our tools are in compliance with “General Data Protection Regulation”. We newer share or sell any user data.

Is the built-in video meeting in compliance with HIPAA?

Yes, our video meeting module is in compliance with HIPAA regulations. It provide secure encrypted peer-to-peer connection for therapist and patient.

Using the EMDR Panel

Can I use a different background picture then the ones provided?

Yes definitely, you can upload any number of custom background images to use in your sessions. To do so click upload button at the end of background image options and choose the background image you want to upload from your computer.

Can I use a different EMDR Protocol then the one provided?

Yes definitely, you can upload your custom EMDR protocol to use in your sessions. To do so go click the upload icon which you will see when you click EMDR Protocol button and choose the EMDR protocol you want to upload from your computer, the protocol should be in pdf format to work properly.

What are the options for sound?

EMDR Online Tools provide different kinds of sound. First kind is called “Synchrone”, this sound is linked to the position of the bouncing ball and will move from left to right and will be in synch with the ball. The other kind of sound is sound in fixed rate and this one is not linked to the ball position. You can choose between different beats per minute (bpm). There is also a random option, which is a fixed rate random sound.

How can I shuffle the ball color automatically?

On the right side of the ball color palette you will see a “shuffle” icon. When you click this icon, ball color will change randomly each second. This option is a great way to challenge your clients mentally by letting them call the color name.

How can I change the ball size automatically?

On the right side of the ball size slider you will see a “shuffle” icon. When you click this icon, ball size will change randomly. This option will allow you to challenge your clients a little more.

How do I use "Remote Session" ?

On the right side of the EMDR Panel you will see a blue box that says “Patient Status”. By clicking on the link that is visible beside the “Patient Link” you will be able to copy the link. When you share that link with your patient they will be able to connect to your session from their own computer. When they are connected you will see the “Patient Status” change from ‘waiting’ to ‘connected’ and it will become green.

Your client will not see any controls, they will only see the ball on the selected background. When you change ball color, size, speed or change sound option or background image, they will also change on your clients screen.

If you want to see how it works just copy the patient link and paste it on a different tab in your own browser to see exactly what your client sees…

Account and Subscription

Can I cancel my subscription any time I want?

Our subscription plans are yearly plans. They will renew themselves after one year. If you want to cancel your subscription you can do that any time you want before the renewal date. In that case your subscription will continue till the end of the one year period and will not renew afterwards.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

No we do not give any refund. But we provide a “Free Trial Subscription” of 14 days without any limitations so you can test our tools before buying.

Can I share my subscription with other people?

No, each user needs a separate subscription.