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Remote EMDR Tool for online therapy

EMDR Online Tools is a dedicated platform for therapists specializing in remote EMDR therapy. Explore our innovative solutions tailored specifically for therapists, designed to enhance your therapeutic capabilities and facilitate effective trauma processing and mental health support online. Discover how our bilateral stimulation tools can enhance your remote EMDR sessions and expand your therapeutic reach.

Built-in Video Meeting

Our built-in video meeting allows you to streamline your sessions even further. You don’t have to use any other tool like Zoom anymore…

Advanced Options

You can customize anything regarding your session. Choose any background, ball color, size, direction or bilateral sound option just like the way you want.

Patient Management

Add your patients and track their progress. Permanent patient link for ease of use. Take session notes and track SUD/VoC scores and many more…

Privacy & Security

100% Secure and Confidential
All your sessions are encrypted and secured in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

EMDR Bilateral Stimulation
with many options

Facilitating remote EMDR sessions is effortless with our platform. Simply share a link with your patient, and they’ll be able to follow along with a customizable bouncing ball on their screen, controlled by you.

Tailor the experience to meet your patient’s unique needs with options to adjust the ball’s color, size, and speed, as well as background colors or images, and various bilateral sound options for the needed bilateral stimulation.

Our platform empowers therapists to personalize each session seamlessly, ensuring optimal support for every patient.

Discover new methods in EMDR

Use new Visual and Auditory cues for best bilateral stimulation

Enhance your EMDR sessions with our advanced visual and auditory cues. No more relying solely on hand gestures or basic light beams for the needed bilateral stimulation of your client.

Whether you’re conducting sessions via Zoom or any other video calling app, or using our built-in video meeting feature, our Remote EMDR tool offers a seamless solution.

Customize visual and auditory cues to meet your client’s specific needs, amplifying the effectiveness and engagement of your sessions.

Patient Management

Track your patient’s sessions

It is now easy to manage your patient’s sessions and track their progress over time. Our patient management functionality offers great tools to streamline your workflow.

  • Dedicated patient link
  • Send the patient link by email with just one click
  • True multilingual support for international patient sessions
  • Your session details like date, sets done and session duration will be saved in session logs for further evaluation
  • Write session notes and edit them later if you need to
  • Track SUD/VoC scores during your sessions and evaluate them later on charts
  • 100% Secure and Confidential in compliance with HIPAA


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